Apple Shaped Kpop Idols

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Apple Shaped Kpop Idols. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. In addition the netizens also realized that the idol interviewed Shownu Monsta X also owns a beautiful body which is no less than the other 3 male idolsHe is also known as a top idol with a beautiful proportion with a large body and muscular broad shoulders.

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Even when the idol gained weight most Korean netizens didnt mind as she still. So lets a get a proper understand of female bodyshapes And kpop females idol as examples Pear body shape I Think Binnie have a pear body shape if you can look at how. Due to her luxurious figure she has become the envy of Korean women for her apple hips and hourglass body shape.

IDK why but the first thing I notices in a male kpop idol is their adams apple.

Girls Day Yura is another idol well-known for her amazing figure. As a result most female idols often appear underweight. While most Korean netizens slammed these K-pop idols because they find them fat they are slim and healthy. Hips are larger than the bust line.